3 Things Not to Overdo to Your Hair

3 Things Not to Overdo to Your Hair

Doing anything, excessively is not good indeed The big part. The impact is not so noticeable, but there are 3 things you really shouldn’t overdo to your hair.

Things Not to Overdo to Your Hair

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#1 Excessive Hair Combination

Combing hair is helpful because it can stimulate circulation blood on the surface of your scalp. This will have a good impact on healthier hair growth.

Unfortunately, if you comb your hair too much just because it is gin your hair grows faster, you’re wrong. Too often combing the hair will cause the hair that is in the base area to stand tense and stiff. Then, most combing will also marinateg the scalp makes the production of natural oil of hair increasinglya and your hair will be extra roil. Would you like that? Don’t want to isn’t it?

TIPS: Spread your hair at least twice a day, up to four time max a day with as much distance as possible. Brush your hair evenly, 2-3 times in each layer, that’s enough. Remember, don’t overdo it!

#2 Excessive Hair Washing

Washing your hair can keep your hair clean, and controll the amount of excess oil found in your hair naturally.

Unfortunately, excessive washing of hair will throw away all natural oili on the scalp that is really needed by your hair to look shiny and healthy. Not to mention, lack of natural oil will make your hair extra dry, look dull for later berudite at the tips of chapped hair. Ouch, who can stand it have that kind of hair?

TIPS: Wash your hair, at least once every two days for you yang has normal hair to dry and wash your hair at least once a day quickly, for those of you with extra oily hair.

#3 Overpouring Conditioner

The conditioner is a helper for your hair. Due to the dap conditioner gives provides both the protection and strength required by hair, as the conditioner works by getting into the root and permeating the hair stem to convey its good benefits.

Only, excessively poured conditioner will can’t is absorbed all into the roots and stems of hair so that it will leave a residue on your scalp and strands of hair. The remains of the conditioner left behind are what can become crusts, then will into dandruff.

TIPS: For those of you with short to medium hair, just use The conditionary is as wide as a hundred silver coins, and exaggerates a little for you who have slightly longer hair.


Hair is a female crown! You’ve certainly been with that sentence isn’t it? And it’s not just a figure of speech. Indeed in Indonesia, which is a majority Islamic, there are many women who wear headscarves. But, that doesn’t mean you don’t have to take care of your hair, does it? Let’s take care of your hair from now on yes, ladies! Because if it’s not you, the what else?

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