4 How to Properly Store the Gel Eyeliner You Need to Do

Eyeliner is present in several types such as pencil, liquid and gel. Of these three, gel-type eyeliner is the most difficult type of eyeliner when it comes to storage because it often dries prematurely or possibly after several uses.

Surely this is very bothersome and most gel eyeliner is more is expensive compared to other types because it can indeed provide more contrasting colors.

How to Store Gel Eyeliner Properly

Do this way so that your eyeliner can last and not dry quickly ladies!

1. Stored Reverse

By flipping gel eyeliner when stored (close on bottom) can prevent eyeliner dried and in this way too ,you can gaze at eyeliner colors more easily. As it turns out, these tips can be applied to cream shadows too, you know!

2. Close That Meet

Surely you must seal the eyeliner container properly and pastically is tightly covered to prevent from entering the gel eyeliner container. You can also use a sheet of plastic wrap placed on top of the container before covering it with an eyeliner lid that will make it more airtight.

3. Use Saline Fluid

If gel eyeliner has already dried, before deciding to throw it away You can try dripping a few drops of saline liquid, which is the liquid normally used to clean the contact lenses. Another thing you can do is to heat the bottom of the gel eyeliner container using a hairdryer to soften the eyeliner again.

4. Notice of Opening Date

Gel eyeliner is one of the cosmetics whose use period is short up. One of the characteristics of gel eyeliner is already unfit to wear is gel eyeliner that dries up. To that end make sure if your gel eyeliner dries not because it’s past its usage period. The gel eyeliner, which is past its term and has dried up, you should throw it away because risk of causing irritating eyes.


Well, now do you know how to store your gel eyeliner? Don’t get the wrong save and make it dry yes, ladies!

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