5 Color Nail Paint Suitable For Brown Skin

Indonesian woman who has mostly leather brown, often having obstacles when choosing the right cosmetic color. The selection of the right cosmetic color will certainly be an attraction for the eye-catching person, also adding confidence to the user. On the contrary, when the color selection is not right, it gives a dull impression even a tacky impression to those wearing it.

Nail polish or warts constitute one of the cosmetics that hawks love. Some women even willingly reach into the beauty parlor for a mere pedicure medicine. The beauty salon will provide the best treatment through the right choice for nail polish color as well as accessory design on your nails.

Nail Paint Color Suitable for Mature Brown Skin

Then, what if we experience seriousness choose the right nail polish or treatment at home? Below we will explain about some colors of nail polish for brown skin. Here’s an explanation.

Color Red

For those of you who are brown skinned ripe, you don’t need to hesitate because all kinds of red colors are suitable colors for polishing on your nails. The color of bright red nail polish, maroon, plum even burgundy suits you to wear when attending events at night. If you wear that color then your skin will look sexy and exotic. Meanwhile, the daily use of red nail polish gives the impression of the spirit of doing activities all day long.

Cream color

Not only white owner, brown skin is also suitable for wearing cream or pastel colored nail polish. Beige/pastel nail polish color will give the impression of your nails longer and wider. This nail polish is a neutral color that can be worn during both formal and non-formal events.

Young Pink Color

Pink gives a feminine impression to people. The symbol of love often attached to pink also gives a peaceful/stunning effect. When you are brown skin, young pink nail polish can change the aura to feel softer. Some of the best beauty salons in Jakarta provide young pink nail polish from various famous cosmetics brands. Therefore you can choose the color according to skin tone That would be cool!

Light Blue

For you typical who often ‘play safe’ in cosmetic color selection, you must think that light blue is a nyclic or tacky color. Isn’t that right? It turns out that the statement is false. In fact, the light blue color gives the impression of skin more radiant than ever. This light blue nail polish wear is suitable for wearing during the day, as this color will give a refreshing impression and make the mood better.

Dark Purple

Nail polish in dark purple is one of the right choice for you who are ripe mustard. This color gives an impression of grace, elegance and glamour, let alone combined with accessories or fashion with a color of the same color.


For some women choosing nail polish color exists It’s a difficult thing. This happens because in addition to adjusting to the skin color, the selection of nail polish must also match (matching) with the make up and color of the clothes, shoes even bags to be worn. Well, what color would you like to try today? That is our explanation, may it be helpful.

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