5 Frequent Mistakes Made by the Oily Skinner

5 Frequent Mistakes Made by the Oily Skinner

Having oily facial skin is wrong one’s own problem. Oily skin is characterized by large pores and excessive production of oil in the skin. It certainly makes our faces look shiny and dull. Definitely various ways we’ve tried to reduce the oil level on the face.

As it turns out, a lot of sighing we make and finally make our skin get oily even problematic!

Frequent Mistakes Made by the Oily Skinner

Here are five mistakes often made You who have oily skin.

Face Cleaner

Having oily skin usually we’ll choose Facial rinses for oily skin, It turns out that facial cleansers for oily skin mostly contain sodium lauryl sulfate, sodium laureth sulfate, or ammonium laureth sulfate which works to stop oil production and make the skin dry. So that ultimately the skin will produce more oil.

Not Keeping Skin Moisture

For oily skin types, maintain skin moisture constitute an important matter. If our skin lacks its moisture, the skin will become dry. This makes the skin will produce more and more oil to balance the skin’s moisture. Remember, moist skin means healthy skin!

Passing the Moisturizer

Often pass the moisturizer for fear of getting skin blemished You’re so wrong to do this, ladies! Although it has oily skin, it is mandatory to keep using a moisturizer to keep the skin moisturized. Choose a moisturizer that suits oily skin and absorbs quickly.

Attempting to Permanently Reduce Oil

It must have been on your mind or even you. have already tried. We can’t permanently clean the skin from the oil because the oil is produced by the face to balance the moisture of our skin, ladies. So, throw away the mind to permanently reduce oil yes!


Mental and body conditions turned out to be very influential to melit us. When we’re stressed and a lot of thoughts can lead to oil production in the skin getting more and more. That’s why, if noticed when stressed too much, it usually gets acne on the face. To reduce excess oil, of course you can try to relax and relax more. Don’t be too self-corporating too many activities. Getting enough rest can also help reduce the oil on your pretty face.


An oily type of skin is a pale type of skin You’ve been aging for a long time, you know! So, throw away your mind to “dry” the oil on the face and don’t forget to keep your facial skin moisturized. Yes, ladies.

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