5 Good and Healthy Alternative Snacks for a Successful Diet

5 Good and Healthy Alternative Snacks for a Successful Diet

For people who can’t get away from snacks, when on a diet, his biggest temptation must be a snack. Maybe some people can’t live without rice, but there are people who can’t live without snacks. Are you the one, ladies? If you don’t mind cutting down on rice but strongly mind removing snacks from your daily menus, then this article is for you.

Make those of you who are looking for alternative snacks that healthier and lower calories, then this article is also for you. So don’t turn your eyes, and read them until they are done!

Delicious and Healthy Alternative Snacks

Boiled Corn as an Alternative to Burn Corn

Equally corn, but burnt corn with butter which of course the calorie is amazing wow. Not to mention the mixture of sauces given when you want spicy grilled corn. We don’t know what the spicy sauce mix is made with that grilled corn. Which is clear, it couldn’t have been healthier than boiled corn that wasn’t smeared anything and cooked just by modelled hot water, right?

Baked Potatoes As an Alternative to French Fries

Who likes French fries, raise your hands! Yup, hampear everyone likes french fries. Garlic, salty, crispy and savory. But, from how to cook and how to serve, you must have imagined, how many calories are there in a single serving of French fries? Well, if you want a potato snack, how about trying a baked potato once in a while? Because it is cooked by steamed, the calorific value is much lower because ungreased. If you taste less, you can sprinkle a little bit of iodine salt on it. Bon appetite!

Fruits as a Frying Alternative

Fries and fruits are snacks that we often see at being in a position next to each other. Not at school, not at college, nor at the office. But often our feet as quickly as possible walk towards the frying cart, because the fragrance is more tempting, and of course more savory. But if you really think about your diet record, you’d better learn to walk right away to the fruits cart first. Learn to imagine calories contained in frying pans that are used many times, not to mention from pouring oil that is not exposed to like that . Then imagine fruits or acid that is fresh and juicy in the mouth. Guaranteed it can help you maintain your dietary consistency. Happy try!

Kuaci as an Alternative Potato Chips

Kuaci and potato chips both provide enjoyment snack from its savory and crispy salty taste. But when asked which is healthier and lower in calories, of course it’s guaci. So don’t hesitate, if your favorite supermarket shelves display both at the same time, you know which one to choose, right?

Boiled Peanuts Alternatively Egg Peanuts

Tofu egg nuts right? You know that egg nuts are made by wrapping beans with a mixture of flour dough and eggs? The caloric egg is quite high when further processed along with flour and then fried. While, as with boiled corn, the caloric boiled beans are definitely not likely to be higher than egg beans, so it deserves, called a good but healthy snack?


Well, how about ladies? There is an alternative snack that dances Do you mind? Hurry up and replace unhealthy snacks with good and healthier ones!

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