7 Ways to Get Korean Girl-style Glass Skin Face

7 Ways to Get Korean Girl-style Glass Skin Face

Beauty trend of ginseng country, South Korea , indeed it is always interesting to discuss. As it is already a common secret, Korean females are famous for their smooth, luminous facial skin known by the name of dewy skin.

Now, after the dewy skin, another glass skin appears. Then, what differentiates it from dewy skin? If dewy skin features facial skin that looks moist and radiant, glass skin gives the impression of a face that looks smooth, smooth without pores, and looks as clear as glass or glass.

How to Get a Glass Skin Face

Then, how do I get glass skin face let’s Check it out below!

Clean the face by double clearing technique

Doube clearing is essential done to clean face to the max. Start by applying cleaning oil to the entire face to remove any residual makeup and dirt. Afterwards, wash your face using a moisturizing soap. You can choose a penchant.i face with soap-flavored label.

Use toner

After the cleaning process, use toner with wield cotton. Make sure you choose a toner that does not make the quilt feel tight but instead makes the facial skin even more moist.

Perform exfoliation

Dead skin cells become one of the good inhibitor you to get a smooth, clear, and radiant face. Therefore, don’t be lazy to do facial exfoliation. Not only by scrub, you also exfoliate the face by using exfoliating toner containing AHA or BHA.

Use sheet mask

Using sheet mask so easy way that can be done to get smoother, softer and hydrated facial skin. Use your favorite sheet mask. Don’t forget to pat the rest of the essence after the mask is removed to make it more absorbed on the facial skin.

Wear a moisturizer all over the face

It also became an important step to get face glass skin. The moisturizer will help hydrate the face. Choose a moisturizer that has a moisturizing or hydrating label for extra moisture.

Apply serum and essence

After smelting, like regime leather offer Korean girl, you are also obliged to apply serum and essence toner. Serum as well as essence will take care of the facial skin from the inside and hydrate to the maximum.

Diligently drink water

It’s no secret that water has a myriad of benefits to health as well as beauty. Make sure you have enough water intake every day yeah!


That was seven ways to get glass face skin like Korean women. Let’s try it right away!

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