Know the Benefits of Apple Vinegar to Address Your Beauty Problems

Know the Benefits of Apple Vinegar to Address Your Beauty Problems

Apple cider vinegar turned out to have many benefits, not just seIt’s like a kitchen spice but it can also solve your beauty problems!

If you can realize what’s in the kitchen can be spoiled fairer for beauty care, apple vinegar cider is one answer. Besides being a kitchen seasoning, apple vinegar has many properties to go to replace.

Benefits of Apple Vinegar to Overcome Your Beauty Problems

Here’s a look at some of the benefits of apple vinegar for beauty.

Apple Vinegar For Treating Jits

Apple vinegar having high beta carotene content that can treat damage to the skin resulting from exposure to free radicals. Beta carotene makes skin and face healthier and looks more young. The antibacterial and antiseptic properties of apple vinegar cider may protect the body’s skin and face from air pollution. The main benefit of apple vinegar cider is the pH balance that is able to restore the acidic balance of body. Well, the pH of apple cider vinegar is between 4, 5, 6 which docratize pH conditions ideal for our bodies.

You can make apple vinegar as toner, mix 250 ml of water ripen, 250 ml organic apple cider vinegar (without filter and not pasteurized) and then store in a plastic bottle. You can mix it with other ingredients such as aloevera or green tea on apple vinegar toner. Do not use pure apple vinegar (which has not been mixed with water) directly on the skin, as its highly acidic nature may damage the system the skin when the acid content is very high.

Apple Vinegar For Cellulite Problem

Maybe some of you have tried coffee scrub, aloevera to the point of massaging using olive oil. But, it turns out that apple vinegar is helpful in overcoming cellulite a.k.a stretch mark. You simply apply apple vinegar to the part where there is cellulite before going to bed and rinse the next morning. Alternatively, you can mix apple vinegar with a little olive oil with 3:1 comparison apple vinegar 3 : olive oil 1).

Apple Vinegar Preventing Dandruff

Apple vinegar will make the pH of the scalp a normal one that will makes dandruff-causing bacteria not developing. In addition, apple vinegar prevents hair from getting dull because it is able to protect against sunlight and air pollution. Mix apple vinegar with water before shampooing at 1:1 ratio or mix shampoo with apple vinegar (which is already mixed with water).


Apple vinegar does not have side effects, but you do should pay attention to its use so as not to occur irritation. Before using apple vinegar, it is best to try a little first on hand to know his reaction whether you are allergic or not Happy try Ladies!

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