Mistakes in Your Frequent Use of Foundation

Mistakes in Your Frequent Use of Foundation

Foundation has the main function to disguise black spots on the face, surely you are familiar to use for daily activities. Finding the right foundation is sometimes not as easy as it sounds, as well as when applying it to the face.

Even though you already feel good in makeup, you may still make some of the following common mistakes when using foundation.

Errors in the use of foundations

Here are the mistakes in the use of foundation that are often done on women.

Testing Foundation Under The Wrong Lighting

Lighting is a very important factor when testing the color of the foundation. Try testing the foundation on the skin, then after 15 minutes, go under the sun to see its true color. Foundation tends to oxidize when exposed to the natural heat from your skin after a few minutes, so it’s important to wait until the foundation is completely oxidized, then look under bright light.

Choosing the Wrong Foundation Texture

If you have dry skin, matte foundation will make the skin look drier, while you who are oily skin instead choose sow foundation, when actually water-based foundation is what should be chosen.

Using Foundations that Are Too Bright

If you have white skin, it does not mean you have to choose a foundation with the brightest shade. If you choose between two different shades, always choose one that is slightly darker, because the color will blend perfectly with the color.

Trying to Get the Face Skin Tanned with Foundation

Indeed, suitable shade foundation is the one whose color is darker. However, that doesn’t mean you can get a tan look with the foundation. Always use a foundation that corresponds to the face tone. If you want to get a tan look, use a bronzer afterwards.

Not Flattening Foundation

Many of us are using fingers to flatten the foundations, and this way leaves lines that look unnatural on the face. Also, the color also does not blend with the skin color of the face, so the result can be stripes. So, always flatten the foundation with a sponge that has no edges (egg-shaped spons), because this sponge will grate color so that the result is more natural.

Adding Sow Powder as Makeup Set

When you test the foundation and try it on the face, don’t add more sowing powder. Almost all modern foundations these days no longer need to be sprinkled with powder as “locks” make up. The habit of adding this powder will be very bad if you use a foundation mineral that displays glowing results. The powder will reducei effect its rays.


Well, that’s He’s a mistake in the use of foundations that you can often do. Now you can use the foundation appropriately so that its use can last a long time on your face. May it be worthwhile, ladies.

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