Pore-Free Enlarged with These 3 Face Treatments!

Pore enlargement could occur due to cot build up Orans, oils, and dead skin cells. If left alone, enlarged pores will be the cause of the onset of various other skin problems, such as comedo and acne.

To resolve this, you need to fix the immediately take care of the skin by doing 3 face care tips that are able to narrow pores, so your skin will look even more beautiful and glowing.

Pore-Free Enlarged with These 3 Face Treatments

Let’s check out the following 3 facial treatment tips!

Use Primers for Perfect Skin Care

To make the pores look smaller, there is no It’s wrong of you to invest your spending in the primary. Use proper primer according to your skin type and color before applying foundation, concealer, powder, and other makeup. Primers constitute a highly appropriate product to cover large pores. In addition, the primer can also disguise fine lines and wrinkles on the face, making the face look more finely faultless.

Primers are able to cover many flaws in the face, and can serves as a soft-knit. By applying the primer, the makeup looks smoother and longer lasting. Choose a primer with a multitasking function to flatten skin color and texture.

Use Sunscreen as a Protection for the Skin

There is another reason why you should avoid the beam that can harm your skin. Free radicals caused by UVA and UVB sunlight can slow the production process of skin cells. This made the skin forced to work harder, thus making corneum is getting thicker. This is what results in skin pores looking wider and reddish.

Prevent this with sunscreen. Use pro-products that can protect the skin from the bad effects of sunlight, so the pores do not enlarge and cause acne.    

Read Composition List

To minimize pore enlargement, a porey thing important is to keep the skin always clean and healthy. It is not enough just by cleansing the skin, you should also pay attention to the products you wear. Avoid products and cosmetics that have content heavy, such as petroleum and mineral oil. These products can damage fine pores, cause inflammation, and make them get bigger.

Instead, use non-comedogenic products that Its juice is oil-free, yet still can’t sustain the skin’s natural oils.


Follow these steps, and you will find your pores are getting smaller and more beautiful skin. If you don’t take care of your skin health, who else?

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