Rarely Used During Pandemic, It’s 5 Ways to Treat Lipstick Collections to Endure

For some women, lipstick is one of the men’s makeup products be the main stay of everyday appearance Unfortunately pandemic times make us wear makeup less often, especially lipstick. This happens because we wear masks everyday and some of you may be in the middle of working from home so dressing up is no longer a priority.

Even so, it doesn’t mean you can let your lipstick build up without treated yes Ladies. There are many ways to keep your lipstick collection durable even if it has not been worn for a long time.

How to Care for Lipstick Collection

Wonder what it’s like? Check out the complete care measures this elbows.

Store in the right place

Direct sunlight can affect product quality so more fast expiration from a predetermined time and damage the material content on the lipstick. Therefore, always try to store it in a place not directly exposed to sunlight. If Ladies has makeup habits in the car, don’t put lipstick on the dashboard. It is best to keep it in the makeup pouch and place it on the back bench to make it safer.

Make sure all lipsticks are tightly covered

Ladies, this is a fundamental point to note if you want treat lipstick to make it more durable. Make sure the packaging is tightly sealed after wearing. Because air can affect product quality so it breaks down faster. Especially for liquid lipstick (Lip tint, lip cream, etc.), try to be more careful when wearing it. Make sure that you do not pump into the tube so that it does not dry quickly. If lipstick teIt’s about to run out, move the brush in the turning direction, don’t go up and down.

Paying attention to expiration dates

Although it’s rarely used, it doesn’t mean you can ignore lipsticks collectionYou are. Ladies. Try to always check periodically every expiration date. This needs to be done so that you do not risk using lipstick that is already unfit for wear.

Wear occasionally

During pandemic times maybe you’re outside the house more and not feel a need for makeup. Nevertheless, it is good to have a more primal appearance at work from home with lipstick on occasion. Besides making sure your lipstick collection isn’t in vain, you can also get better at work because you’re already grooming.


So some ways to treat the lipstick collection to preserve what you can dop in this pandemic time. May it be worthwhile yes!

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