Your face keeps breaking out? 7 This Causes Acne to Occur

Your face keeps breaking out? 7 This Causes Acne to Occur

Who the hell isn’t as sick as a pimple? Besides interrupting appearances, acne also causes pain in the growing part. Acne is indeed the number one female enemy to be exterminated immediately. If kam has oily face, usually pimples get easier to appear because it clogs the pores of the face so it becomes a place where bacteria arise.

To eliminate disruptive breakouts, of course you use obat or anti- acne cream that friends or beauty bloggers recommend. Although this medicine or cream is claimed to be very potent to fight breakouts or acne, it will all be a waste if you don’t know the cause of acne.

Causes of Acne Occurrence

Turns out not to be from makeup products or skin care that doesn’t fit just which can cause acne you know, ladies.

1. Unhealthy Diet

Whatever you consume, all will have an impact on the body. If you still regularly consume foods with high sugar content, dairy products, or unhealthy fats, it is no wonder that acne keeps popping up on your face. Try to consume more fruits and vegetables. Don’t forget to drink water at least 8 glasses in a day.

2. Smoking Habits

Not only does it harm lung health, smoking is also not good to your skin. Because, when you smoke, the oxygen level of the skin will drop. As a result, collagen on the skin will drop, so the pores enlarge and facilitate the appearance of acne.

3. Lack of Sleep

Besides making body hormones imbalanced, sleep deprivation is also akan makes the skin’s moisture less. As a result, when you wake up later, the facial skin will produce excess oil and when you wake up, the pores will be covered and many dead skin cells will accumulate. So, make sure you sleep about 7-9 hours a day yes, ladies!

4. Not Paying Attention to Cosmetic Content

As the skin undergoes breakouts, there are some cosmetic contents that are good you avoid, such as silicone, petrochemicals, dyes, perfumes, parabens, alcohols, and acrylics. Some of these contents can clog pores, dehydrate the skin, as well as aggravate your skin condition. Try re-examining your cosmetics so as not to be the cause of acne.

5. Overstress

Stress makes body hormones unbalanced. Inflammation will occuri on the skin, and the skin around the pores will become red. Eventually, acne becomes easy to grow on the facial skin. Try doing activities you like in the wake of your busy life. Don’t forget also for relaxation such as going on vacation or taking care of yourself.

6. Forgot to Wear Sunscreen

For those of you who have light-colored skin, the time limit for exposurear sunlight is 15 minutes, while dark-colored skin is 30 minutes. More than that time, the skin will dry and dehydrate, making it easier to pimple. Especially if your skin isn’t sunscreen protected. So don’t forget to wear a sunscreen before activating if you don’t want facial skin to become a jerk.

7. Not Cleaning the Face Properly

Remaining makeup, dirt, and dust left on the face can clog your pores, ladies. If left for quite a long time, it will be the cause of the appearance of acne. Make sure you always cleanse your facial skin thoroughly. Don’t forget to scrub the facial skin about once a week to lift the remaining dead skin cells.


Well, that’s the cause of the frequent onset of acne. by many people, ladies! Immediately abandon the habit so that your face can return smooth and soft yes.

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